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  • Hyundai Palisade three-row SUV leaked before debut

    The Hyundai Palisade is the Korean carmaker’s upcoming three-row SUV, and we’ll get to see the model when it makes its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show in late November. However, we won’t need to wait that long thanks to Auto Review, as the Russian site recently leaked the first official photo of the SUV.

    First previewed by the Grandmaster concept, the final product’s design stays rather true to the show car that made its appearance at this year’s Busan Motor Show. There are a number of revisions here, as you’d expect, with the slim lighting clusters being separated from the prominent Cascading Grille, unlike on the concept.

    Also found at the front are what should be the car’s primary headlamps, with this dual-tier approach being similar to what you’ll find on the latest Santa Fe. As for the lower intake, a single slat helps to mask the car’s safety sensors, and you’ll also find this slat design applied on the main grille as well.

    Down the sides, the Palisade looks like a carbon copy of the Grandmaster, with cues like the strong wheel arches and scalloped mid-section all being present. Even the arching chrome trim that runs from the A- to C-pillar is retained, albeit thinner in appearance.

    A noticeable difference between the production model and concept is the section behind the C-pillars look to offer more headroom for those in the third row; on the Grandmaster, the roofline is angled more aggressively than seen here. There’s no photo of the Palisade’s rear yet, but expect a slightly toned-down resemblance to the concept.

    The same can be said of the interior and powertrain options, although it is reported that the latter will include a 3.3/3.5 litre V6 from the Sorento. Hyundai’s big SUV will have a cousin in the form of the Kia Telluride, which has made a public appearance in September.

    GALLERY: Hyundai Grandmaster concept

    GALLERY: Hyundai Palisade spyshots

  • All-new Mazda 3 set to debut at 2018 LA Auto Show

    Mazda has announced that the all-new Mazda 3 will make its world debut at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show in late November. Along with the announcement, the Japanese automaker also released this teaser image of the C-segment model in both sedan and hatchback body styles.

    Naturally, there’s very little official information provided here, aside from the fact that the new Mazda 3 will adopt the company’s next-generation SkyActiv-Vehicle Architecture, second-stage Kodo design approach and SkyActiv engines, with the last bit possibly involving its SkyActiv-X compression ignition powerplant.

    Focusing on hatchback first, the shape you see here is very reminiscent of the Kai Concept from the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. Much like the earlier teaser posted by Mazda, we still see a rather sizeable C-pillar, chrome trim in the lower half of the side window, slim taillights and a black-painted roof spoiler.

    All-new Mazda 3 illustrations

    Meanwhile, the side view of the sedan shows a similar rear door design to the hatch, but we’re unable to get a good look at the taillights and boot section. Referring to previous illustrations, they will likely be two-piece units that closely mimic those of the hatch. You’ll also notice a cue inspired by the Vision Coupe, whereby linear transitions in light and shadow create a “vortex effect” that is seen between the wheels.

    As for the interior, expect a dialled-down version of the Kai Concept’s design. Looking again at the sketches, the Mazda 3’s main dash is largely uninterrupted, with only an infotainment screen placed in the upper section, accompanied by slim air-con vents and various switchgear beneath. The driver-centric approach sees vents being placed on either sides of the instrument binnacle , which could feature a digital display within.

    According to Mazda, “the arrival of all-new Mazda 3 marks the beginning of a whole new generation of Mazda cars that will deliver new dimensions of driving pleasure to customers around the world.” Excited? Well, you’ll need to wait a few more weeks before all is revealed.

    GALLERY: Mazda Kai Concept

  • 2019 Mazda 3 gets teased ahead of November debut

    Mazda has released a new teaser video of what is likely the all-new Mazda 3, which is slated to be unveiled in November this year. During the company’s recent Technology Briefing, it was already made known that a “leadoff batter” of its next-generation line-up will be making its public debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show, which coincidentally also takes place in November.

    As is the case with most teasers, you get to see very little and are left with plenty of questions after you’re done. The vehicle shown appears to be in the form of a hatchback and very closely resembles the Kai Concept that was revealed at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. Given Mazda’s track record of converting its concepts into production ready models, this isn’t much of a surprise to us.

    Anyway, what are the notable cues? For starters, the C-pillar is noticeably large here and there is also a chrome surround in the lower half of the side window. These features are exactly like what you’ll find on the Kai Concept, although the taillights have been tweaked to no longer include the light strip in the middle.

    A shot of the vehicle’s side also shows conventional door handles that appear to match those seen in illustrations that found their way online recently. Based on those diagrams, the front of the new Mazda 3 will resemble that of the latest Mazda 6, with the bonnet shutline now separated from the grille and headlamps.

    2019 Mazda 3 illustrations

    There’s no glimpse of the interior in the brief video, but expect a diluted version of the concept’s design. The main dash is largely uninterrupted, with an infotainment screen placed above it, while slim air-con vents and various switchgear are located beneath.

    Things start to get busy in the driver’s seat, with vents located on the sides of the instrument binnacle that could features a digital display within. The centre console is reminiscent of the concept’s, although the armrest is no longer skewed to the driver’s side.

    We’ll get more details about the new Mazda 3 as we edge closer to November, so stay tuned.

    GALLERY: Mazda Kai Concept


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