Lamborghini Huracan Evo officially shows off its rear

Yet another image of Lamborghini’s upcoming model has been posted on the company’s smartphone app, which gives us a very good look at the vehicle from the rear. There’s also an official name for the what is being referred to as the Huracan facelift, and it is the Huracan Evo.

Many of the visual changes seen here have already been spied on a running prototype, and they include a redesigned exhaust system that is reminiscent of what you’ll find on the Huracan Performante. One notable difference from the Performante is the positioning of the number plate, which is slightly higher on the Evo.

A reason for this is to accommodate the new diffuser that is significantly larger than on a standard Huracan. Unlike the Performante, the Evo makes do with a smaller, twin-element rear wing, which is accompanied by an entirely new engine cover and rear grille, with the company’s script placed in the middle of the latter. The lower side pod also features a new aero element that was previously teased.

Revisions at the front will also focus on improving aerodynamics but it remains to be seen just how extreme they are. The interior remains a mystery but reports indicate it will get a new touchscreen infotainment system for a more intuitive interface.

The Huracan’s 5.2 litre V10 should also be given a boost from its current 610 PS and 560 Nm outputs. With the new R8 packing a 620 PS/580 Nm version of the Lamborghini V10, expect the new Huracan to match or exceed those figures.

GALLERY: Lamborghini Huracan Spyder facelift