Proton recently announced that it managed to deliver 7,615 cars for the month of June 2019, allowing the national carmaker to command a market share (based on internal data) of 18.1% during the month, which is its highest since July 2015.

Following the announcement, Proton provided a slightly deeper insight into its sales performance for the year so far at a Hari Raya media event, where we got a month-by-month breakdown of the numbers.

For the first six months of 2019, the company sold a total of 43,679 cars, representing a 61% increase from the same period in 2018. There’s no denying the impact the launch of the X70 has had on Proton’s sales figures, as the SUV became a major contributor, accounting for 40%, 53% and 49% of total cars sold from January to February.

Meanwhile, the Persona, Iriz, Exora and Saga (bundled together as PIES), collectively accounted for the other significant portion of the pie, registering 54%, 44% and 50% during the first three months of the year.

The launch of the facelifted Persona and Iriz in April, as well as the new Exora RC in May, saw a gradual shift in these percentages, as the PIES quartet held the majority of total vehicles Proton sold from April right on through to June with a 60%, 76% and 78% share. Keep in mind that the Saga has yet to be given an update since it debuted almost three years ago.

Proton adds that the newer models have resulted in a total of 11,500 bookings being made for the new Persona, which is 108% more than what it received with the pre-facelift model in 2018. This is echoed for the Iriz as well, with 3,500 bookings for the new car (180% more than the 2018 model), and 1,500 bookings for the latest Exora RC (135% more than 2018).

During these months, the X70 conceded its commanding position during this period, with sales of the SUV making up just 36%, 23% and 21%. As for the models classified as “others,” namely the Perdana, Ertiga and Preve, they only commanded no more than 6% of total sales at the start of the year, which has since diminished to 1% in June.