It’s not the Tokyo Motor Show without the cute and crazy concept cars, and Daihatsu never disappoints. In addition to the surprise showing of the New Compact SUV – which is a production-ready preview of Perodua’s upcoming D55L B-segment SUV – the small car expert revealed four toy-like cars at the Tokyo Big Sight, with equally cute names – IcoIco, TsumuTsumu, WaiWai and WakuWaku.

The IcoIco is the pod on wheels, described as an autonomous “public transporter” that seeks to provide first-mile and last-mile transportation. The wide opening sliding doors reveal a retractable slope, which allows for easy entry and exit, including for wheelchairs and wheeled luggage.

It’s small enough to get into narrow roads in Japanese housing areas, which fits into its first/last mile purpose. The IcoIco has a robot sidekick called Nipote, which is a robot giving verbal assistance to passengers. A robot concierge if you like. It’s a great taxi idea, actually.

The little green pick-up you see here is the TsumuTsumu, which is described as a next-generation mini-truck that features a large cabin and a spacious cargo bed. It’s no larger than previous truck concepts (kei car size), but there’s a new rearwards door opening system for easier access. The cargo bed can be used for anything – Daihatsu’s suggestions are a drone base for agriculture (as seen here) and an ahem, “private interior space”. Mobile love hotel?

Third, the WaiWai, which is the one that looks like a VW bus. The three-row six-seater compact MPV is quite a straightforward passenger van concept with easy access – the rear door slides back and the front door opens forward, which means that there’s a big opening without B pillars. The roof folds away in two parts for alfresco motoring.

Lastly, the WakuWaku mini SUV, which reminds me of the Suzuki Hustler, or a baby Jimny if you like. There’s not much in the way of official description of the showcar, but its mass-market appeal is obvious and probably the greatest of the four Daihatsu concepts. They really should make one, since domestic kei car arch-rival Suzuki has proved that this template works.

GALLERY: Daihatsu IcoIco Concept

GALLERY: Daihatsu WaiWai Concept

GALLERY: Daihatsu WakuWaku Concept

GALLERY: Daihatsu TsumuTsumu Concept