Petron has announced that Euro 4M RON 95 petrol is now available at all its stations, the company revealing this through a social media post on December 26. It joins Petronas in offering the fuel on a nationwide basis ahead of its gazetted introduction on January 1, 2020.

Shell also announced the availability of its FuelSave 95 Euro 4M at selected stations early last week, and presumably these have expanded significantly given that the official introduction of the fuel is just less than two days away.

The Malaysian-modified Euro 4 fuel specification will see the reduction of the maximum allowable suphur content in RON 95 petrol from the current standard of 500 parts per million (ppm) to 50 ppm, translating to lower vehicle emissions.

January will also see the current price cap for RON 95, which has been fixed at RM2.08 since the end of February, being removed as part of introduction to a targeted petrol subsidy programme (PSP) for RON 95 petrol. The introduction of the PSP means that those not eligible will be paying more for RON 95 petrol.

The government has previously said that the jump from the current subsidised rate to the market price will be gradual, with talk of increasing the price by one sen per week until it reaches market price, which as stated above is RM2.33 this week.