As a Non-Bank Credit provider, Aeon Credit does not fall under the current Bank Negara Malaysia ruling on the recent six month moratorium on loan repayments due to the Covid-19 crisis. However, Aeon Credit will be giving a one-month deferred payment for all customers except credit cards.

This deferred payment option begins on April 1 and ends April 30, with payment on outstanding loans resuming May 1. Facilities from Aeon Credit covered by this are objective financing, personal financing, auto financing and motorcycle financing.

There is a requirement the customer’s account should not be more than 90 days in arrears as of April 1 for the deferred payment to apply. No compounding interest will be charged on loans eligible for deferred payment and application is automatic with no extra charges will be imposed.

Customers wishing to continue payments as normal can do so online at the Aeon Credit website. For customers who face financial difficulties after the deferred payment period, Aeon Credit is arranging a restructuring/refinancing package which will be available for online application after May 1.