An unexpected downpour caused the Penchala river to burst its banks, causing flooding in the Naza Automall showroom in Section 51a, Petaling Jaya. The torrential rainstorm began at about 4 p.m. and photos of flooding in the Ducati PJ showroom were soon circulating on social media.

While the source of the photographs is unable to be determined at this time, this has not stopped photos as well as videos of the flooding from circulating. Speaking to a source inside Naza who prefers to remain anonymous, was informed the flooding did occur and damage is being assessed at time of publication.

However, our source refuses to speculate on the extent of the damage caused and whether it was to Ducati Malaysia showroom stock of motorcycles or if customer bikes were involved as well. Enquiries on whether the flood affected the supercars on display at Naza Automall were answered with “so far, I am hearing they’re further from the river, so all ok. Also, Automall is (on) higher (ground).”

An official statement issued by Next Bike, distributors for Ducati in Malaysia said Ducati customers need not worry as motorcycles located inside the Ducati showroom were not affected by the flood. Measures are being taken to determine damage done, if any, and customers will be informed if any of their bikes were affected.

It was further requested that members of the public refrain from circulating photos of the incident and speculating on the incident.