The W177 Mercedes-AMG A 45 S 4Matic+ made its local debut earlier this week, going on sale here initially in Edition 1 form. The latter is a special model in which availability is limited to one year after a model is launched, and combines options and equipment together into an exclusive package.

On the A 45 S, this adds on an AMG Aerodynamic package. This introduces a front splitter and flics, a different rear diffuser, a large rear spoiler as well as shrouds for the faux rear air vents to the car. Additionally, there’s an AMG Night package and a few other options have their boxes ticked for this one.

As you’d expect, all this comes at a price, and answers the question as to why the A 45 S (RM459,888) is more expensive than the CLA 45 S (RM449,888), given that it was the other way around with the previous generation.

According to Mercedes-Benz’s VP of sales and marketing, Michael Jopp, the opposite pricing in this case is due to the fact that the CLA 45 S is not an Edition 1 variant. This will however adjust in the future once the Edition 1 sells out. It won’t be that long, because Jopp revealed that the cars are limited to a “single batch of double digit units,” so those wanting the special will have to be quick about it.

As such, the price of the A 45 S is set to drop – to below that of the CLA – once the regular variant goes on sale in the future. Will equipment levels be trimmed? Word is that the specs for the regular car haven’t been determined yet, so we’ll have to wait and see. The A 35 4Matic hatch will also feature the same pricing revision downwards when things progress beyond the Edition 1 model.