If you’re looking for a truly fancy racing simulator, Aston Martin has got you covered with the new AMR-C01, which was developed in partnership with Curv Racing Simulators. As striking as it looks, this isn’t just some cash grab collaboration, as there was some real engineering involved in its creation.

For starters, the man behind Curv is Aston Martin works driver Darren Turner, who is a simulator specialist with over 20 years of experience in cutting edge Formula 1 simulation. The entire assembly process is done by hand, using the highest quality components and latest Assetto Corsa software to ensure a worthwhile experience.

“The AMR-C01 is all about the love of racing. We’ve created a home simulator with incredible immersion that offers users the opportunity to have a great time racing in the virtual world, from the comfort of their own home. Our goal was to create a simulator that provided as much enjoyment in virtual reality as real racing does. Racing cars is a lot of fun and it is great to see that with the growth of eSports racing, more people are now getting involved,” said Turner.

All that hardware is packaged within a carbon-fibre monocoque that was designed to mirror the Valkyrie. In fact, the driving position of the racing simulator is modelled on the futuristic hypercar, with a racing-style steering wheel and curved widescreen monitor.

If you want one, you’ll be glad to know that the AMR-C01 comes in a variety of colours and graphics, with deliveries set to take place in the fourth quarter of 2020. Downsides? Well, only 150 examples will be made, and each one will cost you a cool 57,500 pounds sterling (RM305,592) including tax, which is enough for two full-spec Honda Civics and a Perodua Bezza 1.0G AT. Want one?