The New Car Assessment Program for Southeast Asian Countries (ASEAN NCAP) has released reports of its crash test results on the 2020 Toyota Hilux and Fortuner facelifts carried out in August. Both the refreshed pick-up and SUV based on it were awarded a five-star crash safety rating.

This is the second assessment that ASEAN NCAP has conducted on the Hilux, the first being performed in 2015. In the latest evaluation, the refreshed Hilux was tested in its Thai-market 2.8D variant form, equipped with three airbags.

In this configuration, the pick-up truck scored 83.42 points for its five-star rating. Specifically, it obtained 32.93 out of a maximum 36 points for Adult Occupant Protection (AOP), 44.09 for Child Occupant Protection (COP) and 10.95 out of a possible 18 in the Safety Assist Technologies (SATs) category. The weighted score for AOP was 45.74, while the COP was 22.47 and SATs was 15.21, adding up to give it the final numbers for its rating.

Launched last week in Malaysia, three of the five variants on sale here feature a three airbag count (the single-cab 2.4 MT and double-cab 2.4G and 2.4E), but the top two variants (2.4V and 2.8 Rogue) come with seven airbags, including side and curtain units. The duo also features Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross Traffic Alert.

Additionally, the flagship Rogue variant sold locally comes equipped with Toyota Safety Sense, the suite consisting of Pre-Collision System (PCS), Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC) and Lane Departure Alert (LDA) with Yaw Assist, as denoted in the ASEAN NCAP equipment set for the Malaysian market.

As for the Fortuner, it’s also the second assessment for the model following its 2016 rating, which was an extension of the Hilux’s results. As it was then, the latest results for the SUV are based on that from the Hilux’s crash test assessment – the NCAP crash test video for it shows the Hilux’s evaluation. According to ASEAN NCAP, the Fortuner has comparable occupant protection to the tested pick-up truck, based on the technical evidence provided by Toyota.

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The facelifted Fortuner received an overall score of 87.46 points in the final weighted rating (47.27 for AOP, 22.13 for COP and 18.06 for SATs). Its frontal impact (14.53) and Side Impact (16.0) results are identical to the Hilux’s, but the SUV gets a higher 3.50 head protection rating to the Hilux’s 2.40.

No indication as to when the refreshed Fortuner will appear here, but the model is already on sale in Thailand, where it is available in 2.4 and 2.8 litre GD turbodiesel forms. The higher-end variants of the SUV come equipped with the automaker’s Toyota Safety Sense suite.

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