As revealed earlier, the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) is continuing to release the monthly data for sales breakdown by brand, but is only doing so on a three-month basis when quarterly results are announced. With Q3 results now out, it means that the monthly stats for July, August and September 2020 have been released at one go.

Having covered July’s stats, we move on to August. A total of 52,800 units were delivered that month, which was 4,752 units or 8.2% less than the 57,552 vehicles sold in July. The association had attributed the sales dip in August to the increased clearance of July backlog orders following the surge in sales as a result of the sales tax exemption announced by the government.

As a result of the dip, most brands failed to match their July performance. The top four, for instance, all saw a drop in registrations in August. Market leader Perodua sold 22,604 units, which was 2.6% less than the 23,303 units it managed in July.

Second-placed Proton also saw its sales drop to 11,378 units (-13.9%) from 13,216 units the month before. Third-placed Toyota shifted 5,686 units (-23.5%), but remained clear of Honda, although the latter wasn’t far off from Toyota that month, at 5,661 units (-5.6%).

Things were more positive down the line – while fifth-placed Nissan also had a red arrow, its sales for the month was just one unit less than the total it managed in July, and Mazda sold three more cars than it did the previous month.

Elsewhere, it was mixed fortunes. While Renault (+51.15) saw its sales continue to increase, there was less cheer for the likes of Kia (-49.5%). Things weren’t all that hot too in the premium segment that month, as shown by the numbers managed by Volvo (-27.6%) and Porsche (-34.6%).

As was reported with the June data set, Mercedes did not report its Q2 numbers, and with the reveal of Q3 results it looks like the company has stopped reporting its numbers. Earlier, BMW and MINI said it switched to a quarterly reporting, so its numbers for the month remain as it was for the first half of the year, at 2,543 units. Finally, three new commercial brands enter the list, and these are ZNA, DFSK and DFAC.

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