Nissan to unveil B-segment electric SUV; same size as Juke, styling and battery tech to be derived from Ariya

Nissan’s next electric SUV will be the around the same size as the Juke (pictured)

Nissan is set to further expand its electric vehicle line-up with a compact SUV that will join the Ariya, according to an Auto Express report. This will be made to be around the size of the Juke, and will use a shortened version of the CMF-EV platform that underpins the carmaker’s first all-electric SUV.

The automaker’s e-4ORCE all-wheel driveline will also feature in the forthcoming, smaller electric SUV as well, suggested Nissan Europe general manager of product planning Nicolas Bozek. “We think it will have a place down the road in the other models. We are quite strong in the B-segment SUV class, [and] it could be quite interesting on this kind of car,” Bozek said.

Nissan’s e-4ORCE electric AWD technology makes use of lessons learnt from the Nissan GT-R‘s ATTESA E-TS torque split system as well as the Patrol‘s intelligent 4×4 technology. It offers precise control of torque delivered to each axle to ensure the best possible traction, while rear-motor regenerative braking is employed to minimise the vehicle’s pitch and dive under deceleration.

Like the Ariya, the forthcoming smaller electric SUV will be offered with different powertrain versions, in both 2WD and AWD, according to the report. Despite its planned size that is to match that of the Juke, the B-segment electric SUV will be more spacious than the internal combustion Juke due to the packaging benefits offered by an EV platform, which does not need conventional, bulky transmission housings.

Nissan to unveil B-segment electric SUV; same size as Juke, styling and battery tech to be derived from Ariya

The Ariya’s styling and driveline technologies could filter down to the forthcoming B-segment electric SUV

Battery capacity for the sub-Ariya SUV has yet to be confirmed, however Auto Express suggests that the smaller, 63 kWh battery from the Ariya is likely for the forthcoming junior model. In single-motor guise, this battery can power the Ariya to a WLTP-estimated range of 450 km, and a 0-100 km/h time of 7.5 seconds.

The Juked-sized electric SUV could also use the same 100 kW CCS rapid charging protocol as the Ariya, the magazine suggested. For reference, a 130 kW CHAdeMO fast charger in Japan can give the Ariya 375 km in battery range from a 30-minute charge. A more affordable variant of the SUV with a smaller battery could also be possible, it added.

In terms of styling, the forthcoming B-segment electric SUV is expected to feature a variation of the Ariya’s face, with a blanked grille and slim LED DRLs, as well as contrasting roof finish for a two-tone scheme for the upper variants as on the Ariya.

Beyond the immediate future, a coupe-roofed version of this compact electric SUV could also emerge, Nissan Europe head of electric vehicles Helen Perry was quoted by Auto Express as saying. “Electrification will become the norm and body style will become more relevant, because the [range of] choice will be wider,” she said.

As for the Ariya, Nissan is finalising its development before production starts, and deliveries in Japan are expected in the middle of this year. There will also be an electric SUV positioned above the Ariya.