Puspakom has announced that its mobile inspection unit truck and mobile van services are now operating seven days a week, from Monday to Sunday. Bookings can be made via the company’s official website or by calling the numbers below.

This move is surely to cater for a surge in demand for inspection services as the September 30 deadline looms. If you’re unaware, Puspakom reports with expiry dates in June and July were given an extension till September 30. This includes the B2, PG11A and PG13B reports, as well as the B5 report needed for the tukar hak milik process.

Commercial vehicles with scheduled inspection in June and July were allowed to delay their trip to Puspakom, with exemption from saman. This grace period will end on September 30, and enforcement is set to start on October 1, so next month will be the final month to do all pending Puspakom business.

Likewise, September 30 is the deadline for renewal of expired lesen and road tax for the rest of us, set by JPJ. Transactions can be done at branches, online via MySikap, MyEG or at post offices nationwide. However, note that JPJ services at post offices are by appointment basis, so one has to book a slot online prior to walking in. Three transactions max per slot.