Toyota Gazoo Racing (GR) cars have finally gained the recognition they deserve, thanks to high-profile motorsports wins (consecutive Le Mans wins and back-to-back WRC titles) and highly acclaimed performance cars like the GR Supra, GR 86 and GR Yaris. So, how do you take advantage of that success? Grow a range of GR Sport models, of course.

Think of the GR-S as a BMW’s M Sport package, but for mainstream Toyotas. The moniker has also been green-lighted for regional use, which is why UMW Toyota Motor has been able to create its own version for the Vios with unique styling, drivetrain and suspension tweaks.

All this makes the GR Sport the most expensive Vios on sale in Malaysia. At just over RM95k, the car is nearly RM8,000 more expensive than the regular 1.5G, which shares almost exactly the same specs. You’re paying for the badge, a slightly sportier driving experience and looks that will draw those eyeballs at a kopitiam.

But do these treatment make the Vios more desirable than it has ever been? More importantly, how does it stack up to the new and excellent Honda City? Find out in this video review. Alternatively, you can also give our comprehensive written review a good read. Also, let us know your thoughts, below.