At first glance, the Toyota Vios GR-S brings a sportier look to the proceedings, but what is it that actually sets the kitted-up sedan apart from the other variants in its range? Toyota GR ambassador and two-time Vios Challenge Champion Tengku Djan Ley offers a description in a couple of brief videos about the car.

Beneath the sportier looks of the Vios GR-S that includes a front bumper with more than a little hint of GR Yaris in its styling, attention has been paid towards the car’s ride and handling characteristics. While the overall suspension layout from the base car are carried over, revisions include spring rates which are 20% higher, and these are then matched to the damping rates for the dampers.

Rolling stock for the Vios GR-S is a set of 17-inch alloy wheels finished in black, and these are shod in Toyo Proxes TR1 tyres measuring 205/40R17. Combined with the recalibrated suspension, these bring improved body control and steering feedback to the popular B-segment sedan without compromising ride quality for daily use, says the GR ambassador.

Revisions have been made to the powertrain of the Vios GR-S as well. While the actual engine remains unchanged in 1.5 litre NR Dual VVT-i form with the same 107 PS and 140 Nm, the “10-speed CVT” stepless automatic transmission has been recalibrated from its original form to offer the driver a shorter ‘first gear’, or starting ratio for improved acceleration from a standstill.

The available Sport mode in the Vios GR-S also offers quicker transitions between ratios, or ‘upshifts’, while also automatically executing ‘downshifts’ when braking for greater involvement for those accustomed to conventional, stepped transmissions. This will also hold the ratio when negotiating turns, enabling the driver to modulate the throttle and control the vehicle more accurately.

“The powertrain enhancements, together with the sporty ride promise to deliver you an exhilarating drive,” says Tengku Djan. Check out the short videos of the Toyota Vios GR-S, below.

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