At the Sepang International Circuit this morning, the Toyo Proxes TR1 was officially launched for the Malaysian market. The new Ultra High Performance tyre replaces the Proxes T1R, featuring an asymmetric tyre pattern that Toyo Tires says improves wet weather performance and cornering stability.

The TR1 merges the designs of the Proxes T1R and the Proxes Sport, with the former’s long slanted groves and lateral slits contributing to better water drainage. The wide grooves, high-stiffness rib and tapered slits, on the other hand, are lifted from the Proxes Sport, increasing cornering grip and stability as well as further improving water drainage.

A new feature of the Proxes TR1 is the “wear process finder” indicator, using five stars to denote tyre wear – users are highly recommended to replace their tyres at zero stars. The materials are another highlight, with Super Active Polymers and a high silica content claimed to provide a good balance of wet weather grip and low rolling resistance.

In terms of construction, the Proxes TR1 gets a spiral-wind cap ply to provide handling stability both in the wet and in the dry, as do the high-tensile steel belts that also improve directional stability. Finally, high-hardness bead fillers add durability and a more linear steering response.

Toyo Tires says that the Proxes TR1 improves wet weather handling and braking performance by 16% over the Proxes T1R, while its rolling resistance meets UNECE R117 Stage 2 standards. The tyre is available in Malaysia in 24 sizes ranging from 15 to 19 inches in diameter, with recommended retail prices listed at between RM199 to RM800 per tyre.