If you’re a Malaysian, you must be familiar with the name JP Chin. The 66-year old self-made multi-millionaire is the proud owner of many iconic supercars, including three Bugattis – Chiron, Divo and Bolide.

The latter two are exceedingly rare, by the way. His Divo – an 8.0 litre 16-cylinder beast – is one of 40 units ever produced, and is reportedly the only one in the entire Southeast Asian region. He also has the Bolide on order, which is a track-only hypercar that would eat the Nürburgring Nordschleife in 5 minutes 23.1 seconds.

Other prized vehicles in his private collection include the Porsche 918 Spyder, McLaren P1, Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari 308 GTB and even a DeLorean and 1915 Ford Model T. Sultans and the royal families aside, not many people can even come close to amassing such a collection. Chin has anywhere between 60 to 100 vehicles at a time, some of which are displayed at his own JPM Museum.

For someone who has just about as many dream cars to fill up rows of car parks at the supermarket, surely it can’t be hard to pick one for the daily drive? As it turns out, Chin prefers to drive his Proton X70 or X50 to avoid attention.

The cars in his collection are also kept bone stock, with no modifications done whatsoever. This is because he considers the vehicles as investments that will only increase in value. That includes a Perodua Kancil, by the way, as he believes it to be a future collector’s item. What a man.

If you’re curious about the cars he has in his collection, check out JPM Collection’s Instagram page.