The “welcome back” offer by Malaysia to vehicles coming in from Singapore is ending soon. Midnight today, in fact. Plus has posted a reminder that the seven-day toll exemption at the Causeway and Second Link will be ending today and regular toll collection will start on April 8.

This applies to all vehicles entering Johor from Singapore or heading to the island state via the Bangunan Sultan Iskandar (BSI) toll plaza at the Causeway, and Tanjung Kupang toll plaza at the Second Link.

The highway operator has reminded motorists to ensure that their Touch n Go cards have sufficient credit for a smooth journey. Those who have the RFID Vehicle Entry Pass (VEP) can start using the system at RFID lanes at BSI and Tanjung Kupang. Ensure that your Touch n Go eWallet is active and have sufficient balance.

Aside from toll exemption, Malaysia also announced a one-week Road Charge (RC) exemption for Singapore cars entering Johor. The RM20 waiver is also valid till April 7, which means that Singaporean vehicles coming in after midnight today will have to start paying both RC and toll.

The relaxations were given to prevent congestion due to expired TnG cards and insufficient credit following the reopening of the MY-SG land border, the world’s busiest pre-Covid, after over two years.