Report Singaporeans that refuel their cars with RON 95, urges Petroleum Dealers Association of Malaysia

The Petroleum Dealers Association of Malaysia (PDAM) is urging the public to report to petrol stations if they spot foreigners purchasing RON 95 petrol. In the days since the Malaysia-Singapore Causeway was reopened on April 1, there have been a few instances of of Singaporean vehicles pumping RON 95.

Speaking to Utusan Malaysia, PDAM president Datuk Khairul Annuar Abdul Aziz said the public’s reporting of such incidents would be more effective in curbing the issue instead of just taking photos or making the issue go viral on social media.

“Now, Singaporeans use credit cards, so they can easily fill up RON 95 petrol from the pump, but of course if the cashier sees it, they will stop it. Operators want to sell RON 97 petrol if possible because sales are low and the cost of buying it is high, so it is illogical to encourage Singaporeans to fill up their tanks with RON 95 petrol,” he said.

He added that if authorities find foreigners pumping RON 95 petrol, action can only be taken against the petrol station operators. Those caught violating the Control of Supplies Act 1961 (Act 122), which governs the Control of Supplies Regulations 1974, could face the following penalties: fines not exceeding RM1 million or a jail sentence of not more than three years, or both, for individuals, and fines no more than RM2 million for entities or companies.

Report Singaporeans that refuel their cars with RON 95, urges Petroleum Dealers Association of Malaysia

To reiterate, foreign-registered vehicles are prohibited from buying RON 95, which is heavily subsidised by the Malaysian government – this ban has been in place since August 1, 2010. The ministry of domestic trade and consumer affairs (KPDNHEP) has said it will constantly run checks at petrol stations to prevent this from happening, as reported previously.

The ministry also called upon the public to provide information like photos and the location of petrol stations if they come across foreign-registered vehicles filling up on RON 95. Complaints can be channeled through KPDNHEP’s e-complaint platform, WhatsApp at 019-2794317 or toll-free hotline 1-800-886-800.

Reporting to petrol stations or to KPDNHEP should be your only options if confronting and informing a culprit of their wrongdoing fails, but under no circumstances should you press the E-Stop button to try and “teach” rule breakers a lesson. This could interrupt fuel flow for the entire station and it may take some time for things to be restored, further delaying everyone trying to refuel their vehicles.

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