Migration tests for Phase 2 of the MRT Putrajaya Line has begun and are set to run until December. The trials are in preparation for the start of operations for the Phase 2 section of the Putrajaya Line in January next year, Bernama reports.

According to Rapid Rail CEO Amir Hamdan, the trial runs will be from the Putrajaya Sentral MRT station to the Kwasa Damansara MRT station, and will be conducted during the morning and evening peak hours. During the evaluation period, the trains will stop at all MRT Putrajaya Phase 1 Line stations, but will not pick up passengers.

To avoid any confusion, notices will be placed on the doors of the test trains, prohibiting passengers from boarding these trains. Announcements will also be made at the stations to inform passengers.

He said the company would be closely monitoring the testing sessions to ensure that all the procedures were complied with. “The test operation is one of the prerequisites set by the authorities to test and measure the effectiveness of the system before the MRT Putrajaya Line is fully operational,” he said.

Phase 2 of the MRT Putrajaya Line consists of 28 stations, out of a total of 36 that form the entire line. Phase 1 basically comprises of the first twelve stations from Kwasa Damansara to Kampung Batu, running across a 17.5 km section. Trains can travel from Kwasa Damansara to Kampung Batu in 24 minutes.

When it opens next year, Phase 2 will integrate the entire route from Kampung Batu to Putrajaya Sentral, and form a line spanning 57.7 km from Kwasa Damansara to Putrajaya Sentral.