MRT Putrajaya Line Phase 2 final tests begin, to run until December – line on target for January opening

MRT Putrajaya Line Phase 2 final tests begin, to run until December – line on target for January opening

Migration tests for Phase 2 of the MRT Putrajaya Line has begun and are set to run until December. The trials are in preparation for the start of operations for the Phase 2 section of the Putrajaya Line in January next year, Bernama reports.

According to Rapid Rail CEO Amir Hamdan, the trial runs will be from the Putrajaya Sentral MRT station to the Kwasa Damansara MRT station, and will be conducted during the morning and evening peak hours. During the evaluation period, the trains will stop at all MRT Putrajaya Phase 1 Line stations, but will not pick up passengers.

To avoid any confusion, notices will be placed on the doors of the test trains, prohibiting passengers from boarding these trains. Announcements will also be made at the stations to inform passengers.

MRT Putrajaya Line Phase 2 final tests begin, to run until December – line on target for January opening

He said the company would be closely monitoring the testing sessions to ensure that all the procedures were complied with. “The test operation is one of the prerequisites set by the authorities to test and measure the effectiveness of the system before the MRT Putrajaya Line is fully operational,” he said.

Phase 2 of the MRT Putrajaya Line consists of 28 stations, out of a total of 36 that form the entire line. Phase 1 basically comprises of the first twelve stations from Kwasa Damansara to Kampung Batu, running across a 17.5 km section. Trains can travel from Kwasa Damansara to Kampung Batu in 24 minutes.

When it opens next year, Phase 2 will integrate the entire route from Kampung Batu to Putrajaya Sentral, and form a line spanning 57.7 km from Kwasa Damansara to Putrajaya Sentral.

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  • Ex kelisa owner on Oct 11, 2022 at 1:00 pm

    Please start running faster else continue to use the not up to par ktm.

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  • LRT User on Oct 11, 2022 at 6:16 pm

    Last pride of Bossku b4 his pushdown. This might have been the last legacy of our PM6 drive to improve our mass public transportation if Pakatan had stayed on, but thankfully their downfall meant the continuing of more rail transport works, LRT3, MRT3, ECRL, KVDT, and high chance the relive of HSR.

    As we’ve seen this dream could so easily be destroyed by the wrong parties in charge, shooting us back to dependency on cars and tolled highways. So if Malaysians truly wants to move us forward in the right way, you all know what you need to do.

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    • Kea Was on Oct 12, 2022 at 5:51 am

      Yayaya must be like the cancelation of HSR during PN time where BN was supporting them resulting to RM300mil free given to Singapore while now trying to revive the project again.

      Also do tell us how much money was inflated to build all this project if it was not for 2018 as revealed in the ECRL/MRT construction price where ever reducing even after 2020.

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      • Engineer on Oct 13, 2022 at 5:50 am

        That HSR decision from PN was all but a formality after all the delays and contrived roadblocks with unreasonable demands put up during PH time so much so that moving forward with the existing contract are no longer economically viable or else suffer a higher penalty if the delay was pushed longer. So blame still goes to PH for bungling this deal and causing us having to pay RM 300million for nothing. Thank you PH!

        Now is it overpriced? Nope, not at all. Jakarta HSR is priced at USD $8Billion or $56million per km. MyHSR will cost USD $17Billion or $48million per km, so rather it was actually CHEAPER(!) than the other HSR in the region. Mind you Singapore will be paying some of that so the cost to us is even lower than Indonesia had paid.

        Finally whatever “cost reduction” that PH did to ECRL/MRT was all cosmetic to the most stooopidest routing decision ever made. MRT2 that they had disfigured now has cookie cutter shitboxes as stations when compared the uber futuristic MRT1, that is where your proud “cost saving” went to, not so much in making the cost more reasonable but merely just downgrading the project.

        PH ECRL alignment was just stupid, plain stupid. Dr Wee has given good reasons to that. Nuff said…

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        • Answer on Dec 04, 2022 at 10:11 am

          When you are broke, cosmetic is just for show and serves no function even though it is a plus point for vanity. As long as it does not impact functionality, it is a cost saving effort. Any decent engineer should know this when it comes to project management. HSR is not necessary able to spur enough economic activity to cover the cost even when it is cheaper than Jakarta per KM. It is a good idea but maybe not the time to implement.

          Calling everything stupid when it is not your money is really simple, please think more critically when commenting as this type of comments does not provide any solutions. If you want a better Malaysia, it starts with oneself and not just politicians.

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      • S k wong on Dec 11, 2022 at 10:53 am

        More convincing if full picture is disclosed taking into consideration how much if it were for the American or Japanese companies to build including land acquisition cost design , r n d not just the track alone. We demand the authorities to issue a white paper

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  • The HSR cost benefit never studied. Id imagine the maintenance is going to be a gigantic cost. China built many rails yet usage is minimal.

    Why do we need HSR if the fare is more expensive or near similar to flight fare (I’d imagine KL-SG flight takes shorter time)

    It is going to bleed the gov’s coffer. I’d think certain politicians want it because of under the table comission. Public transport is usually very hard to get profits, just look at MBTA rail (Boston), they regularly publish audit and it shows operational loss year after year, yet US federal gov still supports them because they are regularly used between towns for public transportation

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