Audi House of Progress comes to Singapore for the 1st time until April 16 – grandsphere concept, e-trons

Audi House of Progress comes to Singapore for the 1st time until April 16 – grandsphere concept, e-trons

For the first time in Singapore, Audi will debut its House of Progress showcase at the ArtScience Museum from March 31 to April 16 this year after successful editions held across major cities such as Tokyo, Milan, Sao Paulo and Montreal.

Designed with Audi’s four core values of digitalisation, design, progress and sustainability in mind, the exhibition serves to drive conversations and shape perspectives on the future of premium mobility and sustainability.

The four-ringed brand’s production electric vehicles (EVs) are key highlights of the event, with the Q8 e-tron and Q4 e-tron making their first appearance in Singapore ahead of local launches planned for the second half of 2023 and first half of 2024 respectively. Joining the two SUVs are the e-tron GT and RS e-tron GT that can draw their lineage from the iconic R8 RWD that is also on display and available for visitors to get up close with.

Of course, the showstopper at the House of Progress is undoubtedly the grandsphere, which is another entry in the German carmaker’s portfolio of ‘sphere’ concepts that also includes the activesphere, skysphere and urbansphere.

“Advancements in electric vehicle and autonomous technology have been transformative for designers, who are no longer limited by traditional constraints,” said Jason Battersby, exterior designer at Audi. “Inspired by a first-class flight, the Audi grandsphere concept combines luxury air travel with Level 4 autonomous driving. It realises a vision where form and function integrate beautifully, presenting an uncompromised ideal for future D-segment vehicles,” he added.

The event also partnered with Semi Permanent Festival of Creativity & Design to host ‘City Utopia’, a capsule edition of the latter’s flagship creativity and design festival that brings together leading innovators like designer, director and BAFTA-nominated producer Liam Young to discuss how urban design can evolve to better serve humans and environment.

Luxury consumer brand such as The Hour Glass, Bang & Olufsen and Bolia are also present to provide workshops, exclusive customer engagement sessions, panel discussions, product showcases, VIP networking sessions and more.

“Singapore presents the ideal landscape for House of Progress, with the country’s unwavering commitment to the path of net zero,” said Markus Schuster, managing director for Audi Singapore. “House of Progress sets the stage for Audi to showcase our vision for a new future of sustainable mobility, as we transition to cleaner-energy models. By providing platforms to engage in meaningful conversations about the future, we are dedicated to bringing our customers along with us on this journey of progress,” he added.

Audi’s House of Progress is open to the public every weekend from March 31 to April 16, 2023 from 10am to 7pm. Admission is complimentary and tickets can be reserved online through the ArtScience Museum, while exclusive test drives are also available via the official House of Progress website. If you happen to be in Singapore, do check out this unique exhibition.

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  • Sserafi on Mar 30, 2023 at 7:47 pm

    it will be more meaningful if these spheres comes with Solar Panel like the Tesla CyberTruck and Toyota Prius Gen5.0.

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    • electrician on Mar 30, 2023 at 8:48 pm

      For 800V and several hundred kW you would need solar panels as big as a football field.

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      • Sserafi on Mar 30, 2023 at 8:58 pm

        it is supposed to be useful as they can do above 1000km/year for solar charging.

        enough for 20km/week for weekend yumcha travel.

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        • Good, Yumcha can blow water

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        • electrician on Mar 31, 2023 at 5:34 am

          According to PT, a Hyundai Ioniq 5 Max uses 17 kWh per 100 km. To cover “above 1000km/year”, at least 170kWh (170,000 Wh) would be necessary.
          Please show me the solar panel with the size of a car roof, that can generate 170kWh per year (with link to your source).

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  • Serail on Mar 30, 2023 at 8:43 pm

    “The four-ringed brand”
    Actually, the brand is one of the four rings, the remaining are Horch, Wanderer and DKW.

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