Tesla affordable car, delivery van teased in master plan

Tesla has released Master Plan Part 3, its proposed path towards a sustainable global energy economy through end-use electrification and the sustainable generation and storage of electricity. Here, the American electric vehicle maker has teased a couple of upcoming vehicles which remain under wraps.

Under the section termed ‘Global Electric Fleet’, the first appears to be of an MPV silhouette, positioned in the same column as the Cybertruck.

The first of the two vehicles under wraps, the MPV-shaped vehicle could be the EV maker’s upcoming delivery van for commercial applications, however this could also be an autonomous robotaxi.

Meanwhile, the second model appears to be a smaller vehicle, and its projected volume as implied by being placed under the 700 million-unit heading makes it a much larger-volume model, and therefore likely to be a much more affordable model than what Tesla has produced so far, thus ruling out the Tesla Roadster as the second of the two concealed future models for the immediate future.

Tesla affordable car, delivery van teased in master plan

A future compact Tesla could be positioned below the Model Y (pictured)

Tesla’s approach to autonomous driving sees the application of its Full Self Driving (FSD) assisted driving software which it rolled out to customer cars -albeit stopped in February pending a firmware update – and differs from that of other autonomous vehicle operators such as Waymo, which has been focused on developing systems which do not require human intervention.

Separately, a compact vehicle the size of a Honda Fit (Jazz) positioned below the Model Y is in the works, reports Torque News, citing an unnamed insider source from CN Wire.

According to Chinese tech website 36Kr, Tesla aims to produce up to four million units of the new compact model annually from four gigafactories in Texas, Mexico, Berlin, Germany and Shanghai, China. The report does not mention whether or not the sub-Model Y compact car is the one teased in the illustration by Tesla.

The website cited Tesla CEO Elon Musk as saying that the Mexico factory will adopt a manufacturing method of assembling a car in six sections separately before coming together as one car, which will improve space utilisation efficiency by 30% and reduce the production line area by 40%, leading to a reduction in production cost for the Model Y by 50%.

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