Gentari switches to per-kWh EV charger pricing – from RM1.30 per kWh for DC, 90 sen per kWh for AC

Gentari switches to per-kWh EV charger pricing – from RM1.30 per kWh for DC, 90 sen per kWh for AC

Gentari was one of the few holdouts still using per-minute pricing for at least some of its electric vehicle chargers. As of today, however, Petronas’ sustainable energy subsidiary has finally followed much of the industry in switching its entire network to per-kWh pricing.

It’s unclear why the transition took such a long time, given that the company’s first per-kWh chargers at X Park Sunway Serene began operations as early as November 2022. However, it likely has something to do with the fact that per-kWh charging requires an Electric Vehicle Charging System (EVCS) licence to be issued by the Energy Commission (EC).

A quick perusal of charging prices on the Gentari Go app revealed that the network’s pricing structure remains largely similar to what was applied in April 2023, with a couple of changes. Firstly, there’s now a separate pricing tier for 11 and 22 kW AC chargers of RM1.05 per kWh, up from 90 sen per kWh previously (this still applies for the 7 kW chargers).

Gentari Petronas 350 kW DC fast charger X Park Sunway Serene

Secondly, Gentari no longer operates the 350 kW DC fast chargers at X Park Sunway Serene at the maximum rate –these are now capped at 175 kW and are priced at the same RM1.50 per kWh as other DC chargers. As such, the pricing structure is now as follows:

  • AC 7kW – RM0.90/kWh
  • AC 11kW/22kW – RM1.05/kWh
  • DC up to 30kW – RM1.30/kWh
  • DC 50kW-180kW – RM1.50/kWh

However, Gentari still charges per-minute pricing at The Exchange TRX, where its 22 kW AC chargers are priced at 25 sen per minute.

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