Peugeot Malaysia clarifies seven-year warranty option; no extra cost, complete coverage for full term

Peugeot Malaysia clarifies seven-year warranty option; no extra cost, complete coverage for full term

With the Peugeot franchise in Malaysia under the care of Stellantis Malaysia since March this year, the national sales company has started its product roll-out with the Malaysian-market launch of the 408 towards the end of April.

Last month, the company announced changes to its warranty offering for new Peugeot vehicles sold through Stellantis Malaysia, and has issued a clarification on the subject.

Peugeot Malaysia initially offered a seven-year, 200,000 km warranty for the 408, which applied to all new Peugeot vehicles purchased from Stellantis Malaysia. The decision to revert to a five-year, 150,000 km coverage is to offer customers the flexibility of choosing the shorter five-year warranty, and with it, a rebate on the purchase price of their vehicle.

Peugeot Malaysia clarifies seven-year warranty option; no extra cost, complete coverage for full term

“This decision comes from customer feedback saying they don’t need [seven years of warranty coverage] and would prefer a rebate for upfront savings on their downpayment. This new extended warranty package is to cater to the various customers and their different needs,” the company said in a written response to

Customers who intend to sell their Peugeot vehicles within the first three years of ownership may still purchase the extended warranty, up to 90 days before the end of the third year of their vehicle’s warranty, and this may possibly offer a higher resale value for the vehicle, and offer added peace of mind for the vehicle’s next owner, said the company.

The majority of new Peugeot vehicle owners to date have opted for the full seven-year warranty coverage, while those who choose the five-year coverage are corporate fleet customers, or customers who do not have long-term ownership plans, it added.

The choice of extending warranty coverage also applies to the Landtrek pick-up truck, which has slightly different coverage; this has a three-year, 100,000 km warranty by default, which can be extended to five years or 150,000 km, or the full seven-year, 200,000 km coverage for a fee.

Peugeot Malaysia clarifies seven-year warranty option; no extra cost, complete coverage for full term

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Peugeot Malaysia reiterates that the extended, seven-year warranty provides the same, full coverage as the manufacturer’s warranty, and that it covers “everything from powertrain, electronics, body and paint conditions, and chassis components,” excluding wear-and-tear.

The company is keen to point out that unlike other extended warranty programmes commonly offered in Malaysia, the extended warranty by Peugeot Malaysia is undertaken by a global warranty partner appointed by Stellantis, rather than an insurance company.

This warranty partner is described as an award-winning provider for global OEMs, and provides dedicated warranty services for the Stellantis group in many of its markets. A check online finds the Autoguard Group to be the global warranty provider for Stellantis, which has recently launched its Extended Care programme for the Asia Pacific, India, Africa and Middle East markets.

In a nutshell, the warranty coverage provided for new Peugeot vehicles purchased from Peugeot Malaysia are covered by the seven-year warranty at its full extent, and customers may choose the shorter, five-year coverage instead if a rebate on the purchase price of their vehicle is preferred.

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    worth it?

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  • Peugeot408fan on Jul 12, 2024 at 4:57 pm

    thanks for an excellent effort for recreating the brand here in msia. Please continue, also giving us options is the best, so that we can decide which is most suited for us. Please look into having a 8, 9, 10 year option as well, as i am considering changing my BMW for this car! i used to own a 408, its time to go back to Peugeot!

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