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  • National Automotive Policy News Flash

    National Automotive Policy News Flash

    This just in. The government will progressively phase out the Approved Permits system, with complete abolishment by December 2010. Import tariffs for ASEAN vehicles under the ASEAN Common Effective Preferential Tariff will be reduced to […]


  • BRABUS S V12 S Biturbo

    A souped up S-class. Sometimes you wonder why such monsters are even made, as the typical owner of a Mercedes Benz S-class would be chauferred around in the back seat instead of driving the car. […]


  • Suzuki Swift CKD in 2007

    [ UPDATE: Click here to read a test drive report of the new locally assembled Suzuki Swift! ] [ UPDATE: The locally assembled Suzuki Swift CKD has been launched in Malaysia and goes for RM71,943.50 […]


  • National Automotive Policy preview by Mayban Securities Research

    National Automotive Policy preview by Mayban Securities Research

    Mayban Securities Research predicts incentives given by the government to increase competitiveness of the local automotive industry would amount to RM27.5 billion over a 5 year period, which is about RM5.5 billion a year. The […]


  • Proton to announce tie-up with Chinese firm this week

    Proton is expected to announce a non-exclusive alliance with a Chinese firm this week. At one point, Proton’s board had thought about an exclusive partnership with one firm, but Datuk Azlan Hashim told reports that […]


  • Perodua targets 14000 units for March 2006

    Perodua has had some pretty high sales figures this month, selling 8000 units so far for the month and it’s only two thirds way through. Perodua expects to sell 14,000 cars this month, fueled mainly […]


  • Mahindra to assemble pick-up trucks in Malaysia

    Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, who currently sells the Mahindra Scorpio here in Malaysia is planning to assemble pick-up trucks here in Malaysia in 2007. Assembly will be done through a joint-venture with Mahindra’s current distributor […]


  • Renault F1 Team Weblog

    Companies are taking blogs seriously as a communication medium. GM has it’s Fast Lane blog. If you love Formula 1 and especially if you are a fan of the Renault F1 team, do check out […]


  • Malaysia-USA Free Trade Agreement to open market for car export

    Malaysia-USA Free Trade Agreement to open market for car export

    Malaysian car manufacturers Proton, Perodua might be able to enter the US market with the upcoming Free Trade Agreement between Malaysia and the USA. Malaysia is currently the USA’s 10th largest trading partner, with transactions […]


  • What is Perodua up to? – Kelisa Imago

    There’s a small teaser on Perodua’s site, depicting a nice pair of eyes. One of them is silver, and one of them is green. The teaser text says “Sometimes silver, sometimes green” and beckons us […]



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