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  • BMW 635d in the works

    I remember some time in the past, a group of friends and I were discussing about BMW and it’s turbodiesel technology. We were saying that while BMW has put alot of work into turbodiesels, it […]


  • E60 BMW M5 vs Chrysler 300C SRT8 Video

    Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear compares the Chrysler 300C SRT8 to the E60 BMW M5. Not a bad comparison I would say, as the Chrysler 300C was based on a previous version of the Mercedes […]


  • BMW Driver’s Academy Instructor Recruitment

    I received this in an email a few days ago – an application form for the BMW Driver Training Instructor’s Academy. Basically, BMW Malaysia is recruiting candidates to become BMW Driver Training Instructors for it’s […]


  • BMW Alpina B7 based on BMW 7-series

    BMW is bringing in the BMW Alpina B7 into the US market, with the model set to be on show during the 2007 Chicago Motor Show this month. Alpina, an official BMW tuner, has taken […]


  • 2010 BMW 5-series (F10) Artist’s Impression

    These are the latest attempts by talented graphic artists at predicting how the 2010 BMW 5-series will look like. The next generation BMW 5-series is expected to be codenamed the F10, one of the first […]


  • Fifth Gear E92 BMW 335i Coupe Review

    I’ve been giving alot of attention to the BMW 335i lately haven’t I? I like the car, I really do – what’s on paper and what I’ve read anyway, as I haven’t driven it myself […]


  • BMW 335i Convertible Test Drive Report

    The E93 BMW 3-Series Convertible was unveiled to the public in October last year, and has since sparked many questions. How would it handle compared to the 3 Sedan and 3 Coupe, and could it […]


  • Axle tramp bane to manual E60 BMW M5 fun

    BMW explains why it’s manual transmission E60 BMW M5‘s DSC stability control cannot be disabled. The issue is with the huge amount of power and torque that the engine outputs – it causes excessive axle […]



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