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  • BMW likely to build production Concept CS

    BMW North America CEO Tom Purves says BMW sees a market for a car positioned above the BMW 7-Series but below the Rolls Royce models, and would likely offer a premium four-seater sedan based on […]


  • BMW 6-series skinned to look like Volga GAZ-21

    This retro-looking coupe is actually reskinned BMW 6-series. It’s design cues are based on an old Russian sporty car, the Volga GAZ-21 from the 1950s. The result is this Volga 6-series Cabrio. The original Volga […]


  • BMW Malaysia offers BMW Individual cars

    BMW Malaysia is now offering more choice to BMW buyers in Malaysia now with it’s BMW Individual product range. Most of us know that in Malaysia we hardly get any choice in customizing the trim […]


  • BMW 1-Series 2-door Coupe to arrive in 2008

    The 2-door coupe-version of the BMW 1-Series we’ve been seeing in spyshots and spy videos around the net will be arriving in the US market in 2008, said BMW North America’s CEO Tom Purves. There […]


  • Hamann tunes the E70 BMW X5

    Hamann has put their tuning touch on the recently launched E70 BMW X5, and all three variants have had their powers upped, with the 3.0d turbodiesel getting the most gains. The E70 BMW X5 3.0si […]


  • BMW M3 New Promotional Video

    This is the best promotional video advertisement of the new V8-powered BMW M3 yet. Really nice videography and the M3 is portrayed in a very delicious Alpine white. It almost makes that hood bulge look […]


  • BMW M6 Test Drive on the Isle of Man

    There was a time when it was easy to tell supercars from all the rest, but then certain things happened. For one, power outputs kept on increasing while the cars got more liveable and less […]



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