• New 2010 MG6 based on Roewe 550

    The 2010 MG6 was unveiled at the Auto Shanghai 2009 recently and is essentially an MG-badged version of the new Roewe 550. It is a larger car than the Roewe N1 Concept also shown at […]


  • Proton-SAIC talks for Roewe 750-based Perdana?

    The deal once again is for the Rover 75 platform (now the Roewe 750) to be used by Proton as a new Perdana replacement car, and in return Proton will allow SAIC to use one of their platforms to badge produce a Roewe.


  • Nanjing to get European turbodiesel for MG 7

    Nanjing Automobile, who owns the MG brand now, will be purchasing diesel engines from an European engine supplier to slot into its’ MG 7 for the European market. What Nanjing has right now is a […]


  • Roewe W2 Concept

    Roewe is basically what Rover has become after SAIC took over, and the models currently on sale are basically rehashed versions of the 75 and TF, but this might indicate Roewe’s new design direction. This […]


  • Modern Gentleman production begins

    The first new “Modern Gentleman” cars have rolled off Nanjing’s assembly line in Nanjing, from a factory that Nanjing managed to piece together using the robots and assembly lines they bought from Rover. The first […]



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