Nanjing Automobile, who owns the MG brand now, will be purchasing diesel engines from an European engine supplier to slot into its’ MG 7 for the European market. What Nanjing has right now is a BMW diesel that makes 113hp, and that would definitely not work in a modern European market.

Nanjing director Paul Stowe says the new engine for the MG 7 will be purchased from a manufacturer that already supplies engines to other companies, though he declined to name which one. We will have to look at an European manufacturer that has an engine plant in China, where the MG 7 is currently being built. Automotive News reports that the supplier might be Fiat or VM Motori.

VM Motori is a turbodiesel specialist of sorts, and it’s turbodiesels have found it’s way into many vehicles, including Cadillacs, and even the recently launched Weststar series of rebadged LDV Maxus vans use VM Motori turbodiesels.