The first new “Modern Gentleman” cars have rolled off Nanjing’s assembly line in Nanjing, from a factory that Nanjing managed to piece together using the robots and assembly lines they bought from Rover.

The first two new models from Modern Gentlemen are the MG7 Saloon and the MG-TF sports car. Nanjing’s new factory can produce 200,000 cars, 250,000 engines, and 100,000 gearboxes annually.

Nanjing intends to keep the original British flavor, however it’s future direction from MG will be the Chinese market. However, it also intends to sell the cars around the world, but China is the major market. Some Modern Gentleman cars will also be produced in Longbridge, UK as well as Ardmore, Southern Oklahoma, with the latter to begin soon next year. MG originally stood for Morris Garages.