Roewe W2 Concept 1

Roewe is basically what Rover has become after SAIC took over, and the models currently on sale are basically rehashed versions of the 75 and TF, but this might indicate Roewe’s new design direction. This is the Roewe W2 concept, which looks decent enough on the outside but features a cool LED touch screen control module on the inside, as well as a funky meter panel.

It is the result of a collaboration between SAIC’s own team and ex-Rover and ex-MG designers. The Roewe W2 is slated to be Roewe’s new C-segment mid-range car and will join Roewe’s line-up in 2008.

Roewe W2 Concept 5

Roewe W2 Concept 2

Roewe W2 Concept 3

Roewe W2 Concept 4