• China automotive industry growing too fast

    China, the world’s 2nd largest auto market had grown 25% since last year, reaching 6.45 million vehicles in the first 11 months of 2006. With such a huge market to tap, it is obvious that […]


  • New Daihatsu Mira launched in Japan

    Daihatsu Japan has updated their Daihatsu Mira with a new model and guess what… the new facelift seems to sport headlamps that look like they belong to the Myvi family! A similiar design has been […]


  • Chery recalls 1,875 Chery T11 Tiggo SUVs

    Chery Automobile Co. Ltd has shown signs of being a responsible car manufacturer that intends to stick around, rather than taking the “make fast profits and ignore issues like brand building and after sales support” […]


  • Mitsubishi Prototype X – future Evolution X

    A prototype version of the upcoming Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X will be shown at the upcoming North American International Auto Show to be held in Detroit during January 2007. The prototype will be called the […]


  • DaimlerChrysler files for CLC-class trademark

    DaimlerChrysler filed for the CLC-class trademark in the USA back in May 2006 and recently this month it has been published for opposition. The CLC-class trademark was registered for both class 012 – Automobiles and […]


  • Funny Car Accidents

    Enjoy this funny recorded footage of accidents that happen with this weird pole thing that comes out from the ground and closes lanes. Anyone know the usage of these poles though? Video after the jump.


  • 2007 Peugeot Design Contest: Peugeot Mistral

    This is 23 year old Frenchman Xavier Sandrin’s entry to the 2007 Peugeot Design Contest and he calls it the Peugeot Mistral. Conceived as a sportscar, the Peugeot Mistral, obviously designed as an open wheel […]


  • 2007 Peugeot Design Contest: Peugeot honey-B

    This strange cute yellow thing is the Peugeot honey-B concept, and like it’s namesake looks pretty much like a big honey bee on wheels. It was developed to combined the feeling of being in a […]


  • 2007 Peugeot Design Contest: Peugeot Venom

    This is the Peugeot Venom, another entry for the 2007 Peugeot Design Contest. This particular concept car was designed by 23 year old David Seesing from the United Kingdom. The car has a narrow cockpit […]


  • 2007 Peugeot Design Contest: Concept LiiON

    This entry for the 2007 Peugeot Design Contest is the Concept LiiON by Sano Cristian, 27 years old from Romania. it is a 3-wheeled concept vehicle, with a single wheel at the back, and it […]



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