• Mazda RENESIS: Rotary Engine 16X

    Mazda RENESIS: Rotary Engine 16X

    It’s been 40 years since Mazda introduced the first rotary engine in the Mazda Cosmo Sport in 1967. This year, Mazda puts another marker on the history of the Mazda rotary engine with the RENESIS […]


  • Airbags can cause second degree burns

    The hot gasses that are pumped into an airbag when it inflates can cause some serious injury in certain cases, as a poor 34 year old lady in Melbourne discovered. She sustained deep dermal second […]


  • BMW Concept X6 ActiveHybrid at Frankfurt 2007

    The second BMW X6 Concept shown at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show demonstrates BMW’s ActiveHybrid technology, which BMW says is superior to conventional hybrid vehicles in terms of driving dynamics – looking at the assortment […]


  • Lotus and Siemens VDO to reveal new engine

    Lotus Engineering and Siemens VDO will be jointly exhibiting a new 1.5 litre 3-cylinder force inducted hybrid engine at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show which should be starting any time now. The new engine combines […]


  • LED lighting technology

    While we are still arguing over whether xenon headlamps should be legal or not, the whole world has moved on with the latest in automotive lighting technology – LEDs. Some cars already have LED tail […]


  • GKN unveils new Vector-Drive rear axle for BMW

    GKN Driveline has unveiled a new rear axle for rear-wheel and all-wheel driven vehicles called the Vector-Drive rear axle, and it’s first application will be in upcoming BMW cars. GKN Driveline worked with BMW’s gearbox […]


  • Mercedes Benz DiesOtto inline-4 engine concept

    Click image above to enlarge diagram view DaimlerChrysler has revealed details on what could be the successor to the current 1.8 litre E18 M271 used as Mercedes Benz’s flagship inline-4 engine. Quite a few car […]


  • New alternative transmission technologies

    Most of you have heard of all of the mainstream gearbox types – the classic manual, the slushbox torque converter automatic, the automated manual with a computer controlled clutch, the dual clutch automated manual, and […]



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