• Siemens VDO Traffic Sign Recognition

    Let’s not talk about the times we’ve speed intentionally, as no amount of technology can prevent that – but what about the times where we slowly found ourselves creeping above the speed limit, but never […]


  • MINI Production Triangle and Oxford Plant Tour

    As you’ve previously read here, BMW has announced the new 2nd generation MINI Cooper, coded the R56. I’m sure MINI fans and car enthusiasts alike are curious to find out more about BMW’s new take […]


  • Mitsubishi i MIEV Research Electric Vehicle

    Mitsubishi has developed another vehicle for electric vehicle research, the Mitsubishi i MIEV. Mitsubishi took the Mitsubishi i, and installed a lightweight motor into it, hooked up to a pack of high-energy density li-ion batteries, […]


  • 2007 Range Rover TDV8 gets petrol fuel guard

    Apparently, the new turbodiesel 2007 Range Rover TDV8 is so refined that Land Rover is afraid customers might mistake it for a petrol unit and accidentally fill petrol into the tank, especially if the driver […]


  • Subaru says turbodiesel boxer nearly complete

    Subaru Europe President Hiroyuki Ikeda announced at the 2006 Paris Motor Show that the upcoming horizontally opposed 4-cylinder turbodiesel engine by Subaru is almost complete, with development at final stages now. Subaru’s gasoline boxer won […]


  • Honda announces 2nd gen i-CTDi with NOx cat

    Honda announced it’s new second generation i-CTDi engine today, featuring a new NOx catalytic converter which significantly reduces NOx emissions to meet stringent U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier II Bin 5 emissions requirements. The […]


  • Honda announces Advanced VTEC engine (AVTEC)

    Honda has announced it’s next generation VTEC engine, the Advanced VTEC engine (AVTEC) which will make it’s debut in a production car within the next three years. Honda’s new Advanced VTEC (AVTEC) engine combines continuously […]


  • How does Variable Turbine Geometry work?

    Variable Turbine Geometry technology is the next generation in turbocharger technology where the turbo uses variable vanes to control exhaust flow against the turbine blades. See, the problem with the turbocharger that we’ve all come […]


  • Ford eliminates gas caps on future vehicles

    Ford plans to implement the capless fuel filler intakes it first introduced in the production Ford GT supercar on all it’s vehicles beginning with the 2008 Lincoln MKS, though details on exactly in how soon […]



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