• Volvo unveils new twin clutch Powershift

    Volvo joins the ranks of car manufacturers with twin clutch gearboxes, made extremely popular by Volkswagen with their BorgWarner DSG. Volvo’s twin clutch transmission is a 6-speed unit called Powershift. Powershift is a wet clutch […]


  • MVS Virtual Cable(TM) Display

    MVS Virtual Cable(TM) Display

    Typically in-car GPS navigation systems have been limited to showing instructions on a centrally mounted LCD display, and most modern systems also have voice navigation. Some car companies like BMW have started to display GPS […]


  • Volvo showcases new safety technology

    Being known as one of the pioneers in vehicle safety, Volvo has been constantly researching new ways to make motoring safer. Volvo has brought us technologies like the Blind Spot Information System that we have […]


  • BorgWarner R2S sequential VGT turbocharger

    BorgWarner has developed a new integrated 2-stage turbocharger called the R2S system, which uses two differently sized turbochargers in a sequential arrangement. The smaller of the two turbochargers is a smaller conventional unit that provides […]


  • New cost-effective, simplified DSG from Borg Warner

    BorgWarner is now in final stages of developing a new dual-clutch transmission targetted at small fuel efficient economical cars, especially for use in developing markets like China, India and South East Asia. The new dual […]


  • Mazda RENESIS: Rotary Engine 16X

    Mazda RENESIS: Rotary Engine 16X

    It’s been 40 years since Mazda introduced the first rotary engine in the Mazda Cosmo Sport in 1967. This year, Mazda puts another marker on the history of the Mazda rotary engine with the RENESIS […]


  • Airbags can cause second degree burns

    The hot gasses that are pumped into an airbag when it inflates can cause some serious injury in certain cases, as a poor 34 year old lady in Melbourne discovered. She sustained deep dermal second […]



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