Advanced aerodynamics play as big a part as mechanical prowess in making the McLaren P1 the automotive marvel that it is. Yes, the 916 hp hybrid drivetrain is beyond impressive in technical terms but power is nothing without control, and the P1’s finely honed active aero provides exactly that.

McLaren Automotive has just released this short video named ‘Designed by Air’ to preview its own two-part interactive web channel scheduled for a May release. The series will showcase the design pillars of the McLaren P1, starting from the all-important aerodynamics.

There’s not much to be seen in the clip, other than short glimpses of the P1’s active aero package in its road and track configurations (drop in ride-height, rear wing angle, etc.). The full web series will reveal an interactive 3D model of the McLaren P1 adapting itself to suit urban, alpine, highway and track environments to deliver optimum performance for differing road conditions.

Perhaps a more interesting watch is the second video, showing McLaren’s new recruit Sergio Perez having a go in the P1 at the infamous Top Gear track. The driver/circuit combo may not be quite as prestigious as Fernando Alonso driving the LaFerrari round Fiorano, but it makes for a good viewing nonetheless.