• Production Mazda Smart Idle Stop System in 2009

    Mazda has announced the world’s first idle-start-stop system that restarts the engine without the use of a special starter, and will put the system into one of its production cars in 2009. The proprietary system […]


  • Antonov Dual-Speed Ancillaries

    We previously saw Antonov advocating the use of a dual-speed supercharger which allowed boost to be delivered effectively over a wider range of engine speeds. Antonov seems to be taking this dual-speed thing quite seriously, […]


  • Volkswagen teams up with Sanyo for battery R&D

    Volkswagen is partnering up with Sanyo to jointly develop high-performance energy storage systems, or in laymen speak batteries that can store LOTS of juice. According to Vee-Dub, Sanyo is currently the world’s biggest supplier of […]


  • Antonov Dual-Speed Supercharger

    UK-based Antonov Automotive Technologies is advocating the use of a dual-speed supercharger (which they are already producing and continuously improving) for the current trend of downsizing displacement and force inducting engines in efforts to improve […]


  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Technical Features

    Mitsubishi Motors has published a list of what they claim are technical innovations in the new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X. The list does look very fancy indeed, and stuff like ETACs will lend the Lancer […]


  • Nokia N78 with FM Transmitter

    FM transmitters have become a rather popular car accessory these days, as most car manufacturers have yet to settle on MP3-capable CD players as a standard feature. Burning a limited amount of tracks to Audio […]


  • New 7-speed AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT

    UPDATE: Apparently this is an innovative use of a single clutch combined with the 7G-Tronic automated transmission (replacing the torque converter for startups), and not a dual clutch transmission. The MCT (Multi-Clutch Technology) acronym refers […]



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