You’ve heard of carbon fibre bonnets, roofs, and even sports rims, but have you heard of carbon fibre tyres? Goodyear announced it’s new Goodyear Eagle with ResponsEdge Technology which will begin to be available in May 2006.

The new Goodyear Eagle with ResponsEdge Technology has a outboard sidewall reinforced with carbon fiber inserts. This provides increased sidewall stiffness, delivering you excellent handling and steering precision. This is one reason people choose low-profile tyres, as a thinner sidewall would be less prone to stretching during hard cornering. But with the new carbon fibre inserts on the outboard sidewall, conventional tyre construction can be used on the inboard sidewall, which delivers a smooth and comfortable ride. Best of both worlds.

ResponsEdge technology also uses a sound and shock absording layer called InsuLayer, made with DuPont Kevlar. This layer also promotes even wear on the thread pattern.

The fact that the car incorporates carbon fibre material is proudly displayed on the sidewall design.

As for the thread pattern, the surface of the thread area is divided into a few zones. In the middle is the All Season zone, which is an open tread pattern with Aquachutes for water dispersion. These are made with all-weather compound. Towards the outer edges of the tyre is the Performance zone which are made of thick thread blocks for performance like the ones you see on the Advan Neova AD07. This area is made with high-grip compound.

Definitely a tyre packed full of technology. Something I would want to try when it’s time to change tyres.