This is something which I’ve never thought would happen. Telekom Malaysia, recently rebranded as TM has opened up it’s last mile POTS access. This means other broadband providers can offer internet access through areas covered by TM phone lines instead of just being limited to Streamyx and sometimes unreliable wireless broadband service.

From The Edge Daily:

Under the terms, TM will provide DSL ports, a new high-speed last mile access technology that transports data and multimedia over the last mile of copper telephone lines.

“Being our first customer, DSL Wholesale Service will provide JARING an instant nationwide broadband access and opportunity to bundle an independent service package in the shortest time and at minimum cost.

“This will assist JARING and other potential service providers to overcome the high levels of investment, capital cost and other obstacles to capture the potentially large broadband market and drive the take-up of broadband access line to meet the objectives of the National Broadband Plan (NBP),” said TM chief operating officer Datuk Baharum Salleh.

TM Wholesale has posted an announcement on it’s website.

I am a happy Jaring datacenter co-location customer. Let’s wait for Jaring to offer it’s residential DSL packages and see how they fare in comparison to Streamyx. This actually happened last Friday… I wonder why there was no posts about it in the blogosphere.