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  • Proton signs pact with Chery and Jinhua

    Before this, there were rumours about Proton’s collaboration with Chery Automobiles Co Ltd and Jinhua Youngman Automobile Group Co Ltd, both Chinese automotive companies. Today, we find out that Proton is actually collaborating with both […]


  • Perodua overtakes Proton in market share

    Proton and Perodua has been at each other’s heels since December last year when Perodua outsold Proton in monthly sales by 99 cars. Perodua’s lead was shortlived when Proton outsold Perodua the following month by […]


  • Satria Replacement Model Prices

    Utusan Malaysia reports that the Proton Satria Replacement Model will be launched before the end of this month, and both 1.3 litre and 1.6 litre versions will be launched. Utusan also reports that the 1.3 […]


  • Car sales down in April 2006

    Passanger car sales for April 2006 fell 7% from 32,926 units the same time period last year to 30,610 units this year. The Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) said this was due to rising interest rates […]


  • Naza 206 Bestari In-depth Review

    [ LATEST UPDATE: Naza has updated the Naza 206 Bestari for the 2008 model year. Click the link for more information! ] I remember falling in love with the Peugeot 206 a few years ago […]


  • Toyota Yaris 1.5G and 1.5S in Malaysia

    Toyota has released specification and prices for the Toyota Yaris on their website. The Toyota Yaris comes in two trim levels, the Toyota Yaris 1.5G and the Toyota Yaris 1.5S. Let’s have a look at […]


  • 3 hatches, a minicar and an MPV

    This month is actually a pretty exciting month for the Malaysian automotive industry even though news seems slightly dead for the past week. But you know what they say, it is always the calmest before […]


  • No further price cuts for Proton

    Proton Edar Sdn Bhd’s CEO Datuk Maruan Mohd Said said to the media yesterday that there will be no further price reductions for Proton cars, despite rumours that there will be a second round of […]


  • NAP After-Effects: Peugeot CKD plans

    Cycle & Carriage Bintang Bhd, the sole distributor for the Peugeot marque here in Malaysia has plans to set up CKD assembly for Peugeot CKD units here in Malaysia. This is to milk benefits given […]


  • Naza NX-02 open for booking

    Pictured above is my extremely newbie attempt at photoshopping how the Naza NX-02 could look like. Forgive my noob-ness. At least I tried! :P Advertisements for the new Naza NX-02 have appeared in the newspapers, […]



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