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Hold on to your horses, folks. This isn’t quite the big revelation it appears to be. An alleged picture of the ‘leaked’ Perodua Jaguh sedan (above) has been spreading like wildfire on the Net, with many publications and websites, both international and local, reporting it to be the genuine article. It’s a sensational reveal if it is, but we have our reservations, so don’t get too excited just yet.

While the possibility of a Perodua sedan is very real indeed – company officials have said that they’re studying the idea of going down the sedan route – the leaked brochure seems less so. The car in question is tightly based on a Toyota Etios, with a Perodua face grafted on it. That’s not such a far-fetched dream by any means, as rumours of Perodua rebadging/re-engineering that model for local consumption is a familiar one.

The brochure’s bottom plane of select highlights is less convincing, though. The “4 star MyVAP safety rating” is questionable enough (ASEAN NCAP has now superseded the old car safety assessment programme), but look further and you’ll see that there’s also mention of a “sliding 2nd row seats”. On a sedan. Alarm bells, anyone?

Another damning evidence is the fact that we’ve seen this list of features before – on the promotional material of the Perodua Alza Advanced Version. Take a look yourself: we have a scanned copy of the said (and very real) brochure here.

So there you go. This is not the Perodua sedan you’re looking for. But it sure looks good, though, doesn’t it?