Buddyz front 3_4

The original Perodua Buddyz – front view

Modified Perodua Buddyz – front view

Perodua’s sales success could potentially be even bigger if they had a sedan in the model range. It would certainly steal some sales from the likes of the Vios and Almera. We know it and they know it too, which is why they came up with a sedan concept in the first place. The long awaited first view at what could potentially be Perodua’s first sedan finally happened at KLIMS13.

When we first saw the Perodua Buddyz concept, we had mixed reactions towards it to say the least. It did not look like a car that was designed as a sedan from ground up – it ended up looking more like a Myvi notchback, similiar to how Maruti Suzuki created a Suzuki Swift Dzire sedan out of a Suzuki Swift. And then there was the Nissan Latio sedan as well, and who can forget the second-generation Honda City.

These hatchback-turned-sedan things don’t always look the best because they have odd-looking rooflines, especially if the hatch that they were crafted out from was a tall roof type of hatch.

Buddyz back 3_4

The original Perodua Buddyz – rear view

Modified Perodua Buddyz – rear view

So we wondered if the Buddyz could look better if it did not have the typical tall roof of Perodua’s other cars. Theophilus Chin created these modified images within a few hours last night, and we think it kinda looks better now, although still very much concept car-ish.

Theophilus Chin is no stranger to the subject of a Perodua sedan – earlier this year his fake Perodua Jaguh sedan brochures went viral around the internet. That particular Perodua sedan was based on the entry-level Toyota Etios sedan, and despite it being a hoax we all thought that would be the most natural way for Perodua to create a sedan, since the Etios was an entry-level car targeted at markets such as India and Southeast Asia.

What do you think, should Perodua proceed with the Buddyz concept or create a more traditional looking sedan? Let us know in the comments below. Live gallery, video and report from KLIMS13 here.