Master automotive manipulator Theophilus Chin has visualised a Perodua sedan based on the 2015 Myvi facelift. From what he says on his site, he isn’t too happy with it – deeming it a “fail attempt,” he believes the actual vehicle will look better, judging by the looks of the Axia and the Myvi.

Well, we actually think this is Theo’s best-looking attempt yet at a four-door Perodua! He’s used the Myvi 1.3‘s tamer face here, which surely avoids an overstyled front end. The side profile is no less appealing too, with a low-ish shoulder line, black window frames and an upswept lower swage line adorning a simple but pleasing silhouette.

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The rear is perhaps the most visually interesting part – a classy chrome bar bridges the gap between Audi-esque tail lamps that emit a warm red glow. There’s a cheeky ridge at the edge of the boot lid, and the rear bumper incorporates some SE-ish vents, separated by a subtle depression.

Talk of P2 considering a sedan has been buzzing about for quite some time. There was KLIMS10’s Bezza concept and KLIMS13’s Buddyz concept, the latter of which Theo tweaked a bit. The rendering maestro also famously created the Jaguh brochure hoax in 2013, which involved reskinning a Toyota Etios. He has also rendered an A-segment Perodua sedan.

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