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  • Dr. M’s AP Formula

    Dr. M has spoken again on the AP issue after a long silence. He was in Gurun, Kedah recently attending the 80th birthday bash that Naza Automotive Manufacturing Sdn Bhd had hosted for him. There […]


  • Proton Waja FR (with Video)

    Another eye-opener at the recent R3 Street Shootout at Batu Kawan, Penang. Tengku Djan participated in the Drift session and emerged champion in a Proton Waja.


  • Proton Savvy and Perodua Myvi Handling

    Autoworld reports on the R3 Street Shootout at Batu Kawan, Penang. The highlight of the day for the average Malaysian car enthusiast would be the shoot-out between the Proton Savvy and the Perodua Myvi in […]


  • Perodua revs up Myvi production

    For those that are wondering where on earth your Perodua Myvi is, this latest move by Perodua should be able to get your eager hands on your brand new car’s steering wheel faster.


  • Haze might be back on Monday

    Updated at 1:01PM 21/8/2005 Malaysia’s Meteorological Services Department warns that the haze might return on Monday due to the predicted change in wind direction.


  • Karamjit will not be able to defend APRC title

    I previously blogged about Karamjit Singh’s plight here. Here is a quote from that blog. Karamjit will not be participating in the current round, Round 3, which is in Rotorua, New Zealand on the 17th […]


  • Rafidah Wants APs Abolished?!?!

    To me, the entire AP system should be abolished. It goes against the World Trade Organisation agreement. This is my personal opinion although others may not agree with me. These were Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz’s […]


  • Klang Valley State of Emergency

    The government has declared a state of emergency for the entire Klang Valley area. What does it mean? I’m still in the office working. So what does it really mean?


  • Sumatra Fire Satellite Photo

    Unrelated to cars… but I’d just like to share. You can click for an an enlarged version of it. Source is from NASA’s Earth Observatory Newsroom. This photo was taken back on 25th June 2005. […]



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