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  • Assembly line for Suzuki Swift CKD ready

    Somehow I missed this piece of news. The 4 robotic welding lines for the upcoming locally assembled Suzuki Swift has been up and ready to run since the end of February. The welding line is […]

  • Facelifted BMW X3 now in Malaysia

    The new facelifted BMW X3 is now available in Malaysia, in one variant – the BMW X3 2.5si. This model is powered by BMW’s updated straight-six 2.5 litre engine, now making 218hp at 6,500rpm and […]

  • Mazda3 1.6 for RM99,500

    Great news for those who are looking to buy a new car and have a budget of less than RM100,000. The Mazda3 1.6 litre is now available for RM99,500 while stocks last. This is for […]

  • Updated price list for BMW in Malaysia

    BMW Malaysia Sdn Bhd has released a new pricelift for all BMW vehicles sold in Malaysia. The beautiful BMW M5 is now cheaper at “only” RM888,000, a very prosperous number, which you would have to […]

  • Not a buyer’s market anymore?

    Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) president Datuk Aishah Ahmad says all the offers and promotions that have been offered by automotive companies here in Malaysia could soon be over, with sales from March onwards expected to […]

  • Najib: APs issued for cars stuck at port

    The government has shed some light on why new APs were issued when previously it was decided that APs for tune-up cars shall not be issued. Apparently, these APs are for cars already brought into […]

  • New open APs and Wald APs issued

    We thought we’d heard the last of the AP issue, and Malaysia was moving slowly towards an open market for the automotive industry. But we were wrong. The government has just approved 3,000 new Wald […]

  • 2007 Honda CR-V launched in Malaysia

    After a month of “Run” teaser campaigns, Honda Malaysia has finally launched the new 3rd generation Honda CR-V with an all-new engine here in Malaysia. Honda says the new CR-V offers a sedan-like driving experience, […]

  • Proton Saga Merdeka Promo: RM26,999

    Proton is now selling the only brand new carburetted car in Malaysia, the Proton Saga for only RM26,999 in conjunction with Malaysia’s 50th year of independence. This is a discount from it’s normal price of […]

  • Proton GEN2 Sedan Computer Graphics

    Reader Khairil sent in these photos of what appears to be computer-rendered images of a possible Proton GEN2 Sedan. Styling of the GEN2 Sedan is pretty much similiar to the GEN2 5-door hatch in our […]

  • 2007 Perodua Myvi Special Edition (Myvi SE)

    UPDATE: Perodua has launched a facelifted Perodua Myvi SE 2008 on the 10th of October 2008. Check out full details, photos and prices via the linked text. Perodua has released a new special edition variant […]


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