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Research reports by AMMB and Maybank have revealed that Mazda cars have been pre-qualified for EEV duty exemptions under the new 2014 National Automotive Policy (NAP). The EEV duty exemptions are for its SkyActiv-powered models.

Current SkyActiv models sold by Mazda in Malaysia include the Mazda CX-5 SUV, the Mazda 6 D-segment sedan as well as the Mazda Biante MPV. This line-up will soon be joined by the Mazda 3, which was previewed at a roadshow in 1 Utama in November 2013.

Of the above, only the Mazda CX-5 is currently locally assembled in Malaysia, and there are plans to CKD the Mazda 6 soon. Sales agents on are already modifying their Mazda 6 listing sales pitches to state that they’re selling some of the final batches of CBU units now.

The EEV incentive program announced in the NAP 2014 earlier this week offers ‘customised incentives‘ to carmakers who are interested to participate in the program. These customised incentives include a mix of lower taxes, grants, and other incentives.


The reports say that Berjaya Auto is currently enjoying the mid-to-lowest level of EEV incentives and there are a lot of room for these incentives to be enhanced. BAuto is said to be applying for a second round of EEV incentives now, and are also working to increase localisation to qualify for higher excise duty rebates via the IAF (Industrial Adjustment Fund) system.

We also learned that the CBU Mazda 6 had a docket price reduction sometime last year, which improved margins. That’s the thing about Malaysia, although the government claims not to have any control over the price of cars, indirectly it is able to influence the price of cars by dictating ‘docket prices’, which is what price customs values the car you are bringing in and applying the appropriate excise duty onto it, instead of following the value stated on the invoice.

Another interesting fact revealed by the research reports is that there are plans to introduce the 1.5 litre SkyActiv variant of the Mazda 3 to compete in the high end B-segment price range, which will also be locally assembled together with the 2.0 litre model by mid 2014.

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