• Reverse parking into a parking bay is better!

    Here’s something I didn’t realise. The UK’s Institute of Advanced Motorists Limited is advocating reverse parking. The following are the benefits of reverse parking rather than entering your parking bay head-first: Data shows it takes […]


  • How does Nitrous Oxide work?

    When it comes to souping up cars, even laymen usually have two words in their heads – turbo and NOS. NOS, or its proper name nitrous oxide. Sounds cool doesnt it? Contrary to popular believe, […]


  • How to solve Proton Gen2 door problem

    I found this little gem on the Cari Chinese forums. Forumer Blackgenius007 has a solution for Proton Gen2 owners who have trouble closing their Gen2 doors. It’s pretty common. The Gen2’s door cannot be closed […]


  • Carbon Fiber

    Carbon fibre is a black fabric weave held together by a transparent resin and weighs one-third to one-fifth the weight of similiar-strength steel. Carbon fibre has had it’s place for a long time in applications […]


  • SOHC vs DOHC Valvetrains: A Comparison

    Plenty of people have been talking about how the Savvy only has an SOHC engine so it is inferior, and old technology. So I decided to post this entry so that people will be better […]



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