MyBayar Saman – pay your PDRM summons online

Sometimes we don’t realise that we have been issued a summon especially when it comes to speeding cases because the policeman does too good of a job hiding by the side of the highway.

So it can be a good idea to check to see if you have any summons regularly on PDRM’s MyBayar Saman portal at

The MyBayar Saman portal is pretty easy to use and during non-peak hours when the servers aren’t overloaded, a summons can be checked and paid in less than 5 minutes.

So how do we use the MyBayar Saman portal?

1. Register for an account

It is easy to register. Firstly, choose what account you want to create, either Personal or Company.

Yes, initially the MyBayar Saman portal was available only for individuals but now you can register for a Company account so you can check and pay summons for your company cars.

2. Wait for the OTP verification code

MyBayar Saman – pay your PDRM summons online

An OTP verification code will be sent to your phone. Key it in and you will be brought to the next step where you can define a password for your new account.

3. Check if you have any summons

MyBayar Saman – pay your PDRM summons online

After you’ve logged in, you will immediately be able to see all the summons for cars registered under your NRIC, or your company registration number. You don’t need to key in all the number plates for the cars that you own for this to appear.

4. Choose the summon that you want to pay

MyBayar Saman – pay your PDRM summons online

Then you need to choose which summon you need to pay. You don’t have to pay for it all at once, you can choose to clear them off bit by bit every month until it’s all cleared.

You can choose to pay with either credit card or FPX electronic transfer via e-banking. For companies, there’s business FPX. Too bad there’s no e-wallet payment options here, would be nice to earn some e-wallet reward points from paying summons!

5. All done, your summons have been paid!

MyBayar Saman – pay your PDRM summons online

After the transaction has been completed, you will get a receipt with details of your transaction. The summons that has been paid will no longer appear in the list. One less thing to worry about!

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