small_bmw_logo.jpgI’ve noticed in the comments for the previous post on the new BMW car launches that many are comparing the prices of BMWs to other makes and doing comparisons on price vs. performance. even compare a brand new BMW to a used car. But I think many do not know of “BMW Service Inclusive and Repair”, something offered as standard with all new BMW purchases in Malaysia.

BMW Service Inclusive and Repair is an after-sales maintenance plan that basically means you do not need to worry about maintaining the car at all for the first 3 years or 60,000km. Now, the Service part means that all scheduled services for your BMW within the period the plan is in effect is absolutely free. Then we move on to the Repair part of the plan, this is what steals the show. It covers situations beyond the scheduled services. This means you can bring your BMW into an authorized Service Centre at any time for anything. Whatever conks out, it will be replaced at no extra cost to you using original BMW parts.

Essentially, you will have zero worries on maintaining your BMW for the first 3 years. This plan comes with all BMWs sold since February 2006. If you sell your BMW during the first 3 years or 60,000km, the service plan will also apply to the new owner until the time period is over. I think many overlook this perk when choosing between a BMW and it’s competitors.

From BMW Malaysia’s site:

Benefits of BMW Service + Repair Inclusive at a glance:

* – Offer advice to help build the right car for you.
* – Order the car.
* – Arrange delivery to you.

The perfect service at your hands.

* – Change of engine oil (not including top-ups).
* – Service / replacement of air filters, microfilters, spark plugs, brake fluid.
* – Brake pads, front and rear.
* – Brake disc, front and rear.
* – Clutch (worn only)
* – Windscreen wiper blades as part of routine maintenance.
* – Vehicle check and standard services as set out in BMW service booklet in owners documentation
* – Repairs beyond warranty covered during programme period.
* – Order the car.
* – Arrange delivery to you.