Suzuki Alto Concept

Suzuki has so very quickly updated the Alto for the Tokyo Motorshow 2009, though it’s still calling it a “concept” for now.. This update may seem like it’s coming a little too soon considering the Alto has just been launched in India and various other countries.

It could be either one of two things. One is it’s a facelifted model being previewed a little too prematurely. I have a feeling that it could also be not really a new car but a more premium and refined take on the existing car for the Japanese market, and potentially any other market that can accept paying a little more for a compact car.

Suzuki AltoSee in Japan, people don’t exactly buy a really small car because they can’t afford anything better. Alot of the times its more of a choice. It’s a very Japanese thing really. These customers don’t mind paying a little more for extra design finesse and refinement.

Or even a little more uniqueness, which is why you have the Mira and you also have the Mira Custom. Or Move and Move Custom, etc. Even the Alto shares a nameplate in Japan with a different looking vehicle – the Suzuki Alto Lapin. So this is it, an updated Alto for the Tokyo show, and it does look sharper than the original Alto. Look after the jump for 5 shots of the Alto Concept.

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