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Of all the tyres in the world, Ferrari has decided that the Michelin Pilot Super Sport be fitted on the new Ferrari F12berlinetta, which some say is the most powerful Ferrari ever. The decision came about because Michelin have also developed tyres for the 599 GTO and the FF.

Michelin is no stranger in developing tyres for really fast cars. They have a deep well of experience to draw from, especially from their 14 victories in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The tyre sizes that will be fitted to the 740 hp 6,262 cc V12 car are 225/35 ZR 20 for the front and 315/35 ZR 20 for the rear.

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The Pilot Super Sport features three notable technologies. The first is called the Twaron Belt, a high-density fibre that is very light yet very strong; five times stronger than steel of the same weight. The second is called the Variable Contact Patch 2.02 that changes its shape when cornering to keep the amount of rubber contact constant on the road.

The third technology employed is known as the Tri-Compound and Bi-Compound Tread. A unique elastomer is employed on the outside for exceptional endurance. The inside of the tyre features a high-grip elastomer capable of breaking through water’s surface to get more road adherence.

So the Ferrari will still be able to perform equally good in the wet as well as in the dry.