The hotly-anticipated return of the Honda Civic Type R is coming next year, and to hype the launch of the upcoming hot hatch – promising to be “the most extreme and high-performing model to wear the famous ‘Red H’ badge” – still further, Honda Europe has launched a heart-pumping interactive film on YouTube called ‘The Other Side’, starring the blood-red Geneva 2014 concept.

The near-three-minute dual-video campaign, shot by acclaimed commercials and music video director Daniel Wolfe and scored by Bobby Krlic of The Haxan Cloak, showcases the duality of the Civic as well as the Honda brand as a whole – one side representing the company’s traditional reputation for engineering excellence, technology and reliability; the other of high performance carved from its years of racing heritage.


Two stories are portrayed in parallel in the two films. The first video sees a family man in a white Civic picking his daughter up from school in the daytime, while the second shows the same man participating in an art heist at night in the aforementioned Type R. Despite the contrasting tone, both films mirror each other in composition, and viewers can switch between the two by holding down the ‘R’ key on their keyboard.

There are surprise endings to both these videos (we won’t spoil them for you!) so head on to to experience them yourself.

Honda Civic Type R Concept at Paris 2014
2015 Honda Civic