Perodua Myvi Booking – You Are Not Booking The Price!

It’s common in Malaysia for the prices of automobiles to go up a few months after launch for numerous reasons such as revised tax rates. With the coming new automotive policy coming into effect in September (assuming the government does not delay it again) it’s possible that the Perodua Myvi’s price will be going up.

It’s normal for automobile makers to sell cars at the old prices in case of any price hike when you book the car before the price hike. It is not the same with the Perodua Myvi! Look at the image I have attached below, which I have screenshot from this page.

Note the following text:


This means even if you have pre-booked the car, if the car is delivered after the new tax rates you will have to pay the new price, whether it is higher or lower! This text was also in your booking agreement when you signed it.

Most likely the price will go up by 2-3K ringgit. So guys, better pray your Myvi is delivered before the new tax structure is put into effect!

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Perodua Myvi – You are not booking the price!

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  • bangau on Jul 01, 2005 at 4:55 am

    Eh, i though many of the guys here think that P2 is a perfect car company?

    Hahaha..bravo. Some of you guys are so blinded with god knows what. From what i can see, the only one getting the most profit out of P2 is the japanese.

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  • akari on Jul 01, 2005 at 7:09 am

    then who is the one who get profit out of Proton? is that include into ur consider while buying a car?

    I just want my money to take back some better quality thing, who cares where my money will go after their hand? for japanese maybe they will take the money to do more research for their next better car, how about Proton? i dunno what they did to my RM55k paid to them 2 years ago, their latest car's selling point "handling" also is buy from other, i guess maybe my money is right there.

    through if u rich enuf to buy imported car there's huge amount of ur paid still in Malaysia instead to other country, no need scare about this, our grov is a clever 1.

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  • woshye on Jul 01, 2005 at 6:56 pm

    According to some Perodua salesman, that the price will remain the same for new models for year 2005 like Myvi and Savvy. I am not sure how true is the infomation and it could be sales tactics. It is very unfair if the government increase the price again. The government must be short of money I bet. Wander where all the money go to…..

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  • akari on Jul 01, 2005 at 7:24 pm

    i guess they're really short of $, recent always saw the toto, da ma cai or whatever always got special 1 rite? through i din buy but when they open usually near my house will traffic jam =.=|||

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  • my stupid bangau ,

    why don't you try book a Savvy, want wait till after Sept, will P1 have the same move ??

    I run out the the P1 showroom beisde my office, P1 Savvy price have the same notice.

    This new tax policy effect everyone in the industry, not P2 only.

    So…look like "bangau" are NOT ppl in the car industry, so shut you f*** up.

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  • apasal marah maaa.. dia saja suka2 maa!!!!

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  • ha!.(bangau) u is like Blaine man talking don't even know which is good value for money o not!.we r paying for R&d n value for money to some 1 who deserve for it!.(bangau) you r like kind like when people say u stupid u don't like but like do a stupid thing!. (bangau) see on your left ! do u see window? o u not? but u still don't no how to jump! what a cleaver!.

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  • eAthena-Seir3n on Jul 02, 2005 at 10:15 am

    Everyone has their opinions…Like me , I HATE It when people reply to other's messages in Malay rather than the language used by the Previous Poster..

    I think P2 is a good car maker , so what? It doesn't prove P2 is a good car maker , It's just what I feel. P2 may be a good car maker after all , all of this rolls down to the majority of people. And I follow the flow. =)

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  • hei bangau, u are the person not blind rite. look at ur home, is it o ur tv, freezer, washing machine and other electrical items made in m'sia? some of it from japan company oso, japanese will get the profit when u buy it, why u use it oso??

    and please lah, if the price of myvi increase in sep, it is because of the tax. so the extra money we pay will go to m'sia gov not for P2 or japanese ok. give a mature opinion ok, dun just keep saying other person r stupid and blind.

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  • this song i wrote myself dedicated specially for BANGAU!!!hope you all dont mind to sing along all together, hehehe

    yah yah bangau oh bangau kenape engkau bodo, macamana aku tak bodo, sebab aku mmg bodo, bodo bodo!!! (you all have to sing it in a hip hop version like the TOO PHAT) hehehe

    yo eAthena-Seir3n, hope you don't hate malay langguage coz we still in Malaysia,& most of us (Malay) as you can see are not quit good at it simply like those Japanese in Japan, Germany in Deutchland, Italian in Italy etc..

    dont get mad at me ok, just like you say;Everyone has their opinions…

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  • ejosbesi on Jul 26, 2005 at 9:33 pm

    Caya ler JAWA.

    Aduhhhh…I planned to trade in my wira. But 2nd hand car value was drop till RM 3k 3 day ago. Sadly cos i still waiting my Myvi and automaticly look like i must find another money for my Myvi deposit. Arghhhh mana mau cekau?

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  • Ms Lem on Jul 28, 2005 at 9:45 pm

    i booking MYVI (45,300.00) on 21/6/2005, the sales dealer promise me delivery after one month, but now i ask with him when can delived, he can not promise & no delivery dated, just tell me wait, being my old car is ready sell, now no car do use, i ask him can i refund deposit, he said can not, please tech me what can i do ?

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  • Georgie chen on May 08, 2010 at 7:37 pm

    frustated of delay in delivery of my new myvy.Is it true that we have to pay extra to have early deliver?

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  • You are not alone Georgie. I booked Myvi SE Black on 10th July 2010. I informed the salesperson I do not need the car so early, but she called me on late July informing me my car is ready. I told her I don’t have a driving license nor a parking bay at my condo. She was not happy about that but cancelled the order anyway. I went back to her in mid -Aug informing her that I wish to have the car early September as I already have the parking bay, she said OK. From then until today 27 Sep, I have not kept informed when I can have the car. She never calls me since the July incident. What a lousy salesperson! Moreover, she was recommended by a friend! What a joke!

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